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Pregnancy is an amazing time, and the start of huge life changes for your family.  Capture your beautiful bump as late as possible (portraits are great at between 36-38 weeks) and follow up a few weeks later with a newborn session with your precious new addition.

We can offer makeover packages as part of the experience, to help mum’s-to-be and new mum’s to look and feel their best. Our clever photography and Photoshop skills will deliver gorgeous images you will want to show off alongside your baby!

Maternity Photoshoot

Maternity portraits are best taken between 36-38 weeks. Dark backdrops provide an artistic mood, whilst lighter options lend themselves to a softer feel. We will consult with you and take a range of shots in your preferred style.

Newborn Photoshoot (1 day – 3 weeks)

The first few days of your baby’s life are an incredibly precious time – capture those special moments with an intimate portrait. Tiny hands and feet and beautiful, sleepy expressions will produce timeless images your family will treasure forever. Give us a call to discuss your due date, and we’ll work with you in a flexible way to plan your session.

Baby Photoshoot (3 months and beyond)

3-6 months: Smiles and funny faces – they’re starting to show expression!
6-7 months: Your baby is starting to sit, laugh, point, and smile. Outdoor sessions are now an option for variety.
8-10 months: Crawling and full of energy, bring your favourite toys and props, and let their personality and character shine through!
11-16 months: Standing and walking – mark this major milestone with individual shots, family groups, and the opportunity to get outside and show them discovering their world.

Embrace the bigger picture of your story