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What to Wear for Your Portrait Session

Portrait photos offer us an important opportunity to immortalise a special moment in time. Whether you’ve hired a professional photographer to capture family portraits, to celebrate your graduation, or mark the arrival of a new baby, the fact is a good quality portrait will be cherished for years to come.

It’s for these reasons that people often worry about what to wear in their professional portraits! After all, you want to feel and look your best. The short answer is to wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable, however there are some extra tips our experts would recommend to get the best picture possible.

  1. Coordinate colours

For group portraits, it’s worthwhile taking the time to coordinate the colour of your outfits, rather than feeling as though everyone should be wearing matching clothes. Neutral colour schemes or jewel tones are often recommended because these palettes can stand the test of time. Some examples of neutral tones include beige, blush, cream, chocolate, or tan. Jewel tones can include amethyst, emerald, pearl, ruby, or sapphire. Remember that opting for solid colours allows the camera to focus on you as the subject.

  1. Keep it simple

Keep things simple and avoid clothing with busy illustrations, text, or logos. Patterns such as checks, stripes, and spots can have a pixelated or strobed effect on camera, so it’s also best to steer clear of those. Be mindful that all black attire can look one-dimensional, while all white attire can tend to reflect light in unexpected ways. If you’d like to include black or white in your outfits, opt for textured, layered looks that offer some versatility on the day of your photo shoot.

  1. Go classic

You’ll look back on your portraits for years to come, so we’d suggest dressing in a style that feels classic, relaxed, and authentically ‘you’. Don’t feel as though you need to buy anything new for the photo shoot. For instance, a dress shirt worn with denim jeans is a look that’s less likely to date, and both are items you may already have in your wardrobe. Or else, try wearing your favourite party dress! 

If you’d like to show off your personality, feel free to bring along accessories that represent you, such as a treasured jewellery piece or your funkiest shoes. We also love portraits where our subjects have an opportunity to showcase their family heritage, national dress, or formal uniform. At the end of the day, when you feel confident and joyful in whatever you’re wearing, it reflects on camera! For more information, just ask us.