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The Value of Portrait Photography

We now live in a time where connection and the bonds that share with the ones we love has never been more important to preserve, protect and amplify. 

Capturing our lives and families as they are today is in many ways, irreplaceable. Life, as we know all too well, moves quickly. Preserving your memories for generations to come starts with a choice today. 

Portraits do more than you realise

  1. Improving Children’s Self Esteem 

Our portrait experiences are designed to help people see themselves in a way they never have before. We know we’ve done our job when our grads, parents and children leave their portrait session shining with self-confidence and feeling what we humans all crave… happiness and belonging.

  1. Protecting the Bonds of Family 

A family or graduate portrait in the home and displayed for all to see shows children how proud we are of them and promotes a deeper connection to their family. In our modern world, community groups are shrinking, which puts even more pressure on the family unit to ensure a sense of place and purpose for children. 

  1. Preserving Cherished Memories for the Future

No matter how young, old, confident or shy (hello, awkward teens!) your family is right now, there may never seem to be the “perfect” time to take family photos. However, as portrait photographers, we’ve learned there is no time like the present. Families don’t realise how precious today is until it’s too late – children grow and move away, parents and grandparents leave us. Preserve your precious memories with a portrait that will be handed down for generations to come.