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Studio vs Outdoor Family Photoshoot

One of the first considerations when scheduling a family portrait session is location. Will you capture the moment in a professional studio? Or do you prefer to have an outdoor family photoshoot? Both settings create beautiful portraits, but they do have a different feel. If you aren’t sure which location is best for your family, then read on to learn more about studio versus outdoor family photoshoots. 

Outdoor portraits

Being in Auckland, we are fortunate to be surrounded by gorgeous nature year-round. River, forest, neighbourhood parks, or even your own backyard – there are many spots where you can gather the family for a photoshoot. The landscape changes seasonally and no two shoots are ever exactly the same. 

Outdoor photoshoots reflect their surroundings and there is often a more relaxed feel. This can help even the shyest of models feel more comfortable in front of the camera. The resulting portrait may have a more casual tone to it and this makes outdoor portraits perfect for canvas artwork or Timeless Classic wall art. 

The lighting for outdoor portraits is dictated by nature. On some days, this can be amazing natural light that results in vibrant colours; on other days, it can mean rescheduling due to rain. While we always work with you and the Auckland variable weather, it is a factor to be aware of – especially if you have young kids or large groups to organise. Similarly, if you are planning to do a family portrait during mid-winter, it may be a safer bet to shoot indoors!

An outdoor setting is also a great option if you want to include your furry family members.  While we do allow pets in our studio sessions, they may feel more at ease outdoors. 

Studio portraits

One of the best things about a studio photoshoot is the location – indoors, studio lighting, and no risk of rain!  This means a safe, guaranteed shoot appointment for you and your family. This is especially helpful if you have a large family or children that may get distracted playing outside.  

A studio location also generally means privacy. At our Auckland studio, we have facilities for easily changing outfits, adjusting your makeup, or going to the bathroom. Our studio also includes a quiet zone for kids to play, and a private space for nursing parents.

Studio portraits tend to have a more classic, heirloom feel with the focus on you and your family. With a simple, classic backdrop there is less background distraction and in-studio lighting can also provide added interest and creativity. This combination gives the photographer control over major variables to get a consistent result in every shot. This allows your family to shine!

Things to consider when choosing a studio or outdoor photoshoot

Choosing the right setting for your family portrait is a key decision. There is no “right” answer, but to make it easier, we have a few tips for families: 

1. Your family’s style

Where do you usually spend time as a family? Do you regularly make memories playing in the park, or do you cherish weekends at home together around the fireplace?

Choosing a shoot location based on where you and your family feels the most comfortable and happy will help create a more natural, relaxed, and joyous portrait. 

2. Where the portrait will live

Visually, do you prefer the casualness of an outdoor shoot or do you like the clean lines of a studio shoot more?  Which aesthetic will fit into your interior decor? 

Outdoor family photoshoots can look amazing as canvas prints, whereas studio portraits can handle a beautiful formal frame. Visualising both the end product and where it will hang in your home is a great thing to consider when choosing your family photoshoot location. 

3. Your children’s age and/or temperament

How old are your children? Babies may feel more comfortable shooting in-studio and sitting on a lap, whereas young children may prefer the outdoors.

It’s important to consider both the age and personality of your family members when deciding where to have your family photoshoot. 

4. Timeline

Do you need your photos quickly? Can you only shoot on a specific day or can you wait if you need to reschedule for the weather?

If you aren’t sure whether a studio or outdoor photoshoot is best for your family portrait, please enquire with Timeless Images Photography today. Our team of expert photographers can help decide what setting is right for you!