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How to Get The Most From Your Mum and Bub Portraits

Preparing to welcome a new arrival is an exciting time for any family. Many expectant mums and dads wish to document their unique journey from pregnancy to parenthood – and maternity or newborn portraits are the perfect way to commemorate this experience. Here’s how to make the most of these special memories.  

  1. Celebrate your beautiful bump with MATERNITY portrait photography

Pregnancy involves enormous physical and emotional changes for expectant mothers. Taking time for a maternity photo shoot offers an opportunity for mamas-to-be to celebrate this transitory stage of life together with their partners or loved ones. Outdoor maternity photo shoots are often a popular choice because soon-to-be parents can relax and absorb themselves in the beauty of nature.

For pregnant mothers, we also suggest pampering yourself a little in the lead-up to your maternity shoot. Take a bubble bath, paint your nails, apply your favourite lipstick, or just take a moment to practice self-care for an added boost of confidence. Ask about our makeover packages if you’d like to feel even more comfortable before getting in front of the camera. We recommend taking your maternity portraits between 36 and 38 weeks of pregnancy.

  1. Welcome your new arrival with NEWBORN portrait photography.

Ask any parent and they’ll probably tell you that your newborn child grows and changes every day! For this reason, newborn portraits often take place within the first three weeks of your baby’s arrival. During this special time, newborn babies are often very sleepy and prefer to be curled in the foetal position, so we have an opportunity to photograph your baby in their most tranquil state. Whether it’s their tiny hands, or beautiful, sleepy expressions, we’ll produce timeless images that your family will cherish forever. If you’re wondering how to book your newborn photo shoot in advance, chat with our team today so that we can reserve your place before bub arrives.

  1. Celebrate your growing family with BABY portrait photography.

It’s wonderful to document the way your little one grows and changes with time. At age 3 to 6 months, we’ll be able to photograph your baby’s smiles and new facial expressions. From 6 months, we can capture your baby as they learn to sit, laugh, point, and smile. From 8 months, your baby will be crawling and will be full of energy. From 11 months onwards, they’ll be walking and discovering the world around them. The 1-year milestone is often a date that most families want to celebrate with both individual baby portraits and photos with mum, dad, or the rest of the family. At Timeless Images, we’re your family’s storytellers for life. Contact our team now for more ideas and inspiration.