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5 Unique Family Portrait Ideas

1. Outdoor Adventure

If your family loves the great outdoors, why not incorporate that into your family portrait session? Choose a scenic location like a nearby park, beach, or even a woodland. Dress in outdoor-friendly clothing and have fun playing and exploring the area. This type of portrait session is perfect for families with children and can capture the essence of your family’s adventurous spirit.

2. Close to Home 

Why not choose the family home for your setting? Have your portrait session in front of your home, inside it or even your back yard. This style of portrait session puts the family at ease in their natural environment, is ideal for catching candid moments and provides a glimpse into your family’s unique dynamics.

3. Storytelling Portraits 

Use props and backdrops to tell a story with your family portrait. For example, you might be photographed with a keepsake from a favourite family holiday, or with a treasured toy from childhood. Use your chosen props to help set a scene and bring your family’s story to life. This type of portrait session is great for families who love to be creative and express themselves!

4. Celebrate your Culture 

At Timeless Images Photography, we’ve had the privilege of photographing many families in their traditional cultural dress. This is a powerful way to celebrate and preserve cultural heritage – and to honour the customs, traditions, and values that make you and your family unique. Wearing traditional attire for a photo shoot is also a strong way to connect with one’s roots and pass down important traditions to future generations. 

5. Multi-Generational Portraits 

Why not bring together multiple generations of your family for an inter-generational portrait session? This is a compelling way to celebrate your family’s history and legacy. Pose with grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and children, and allow our photographer to capture the love and connection between each generation. At Timeless Images Photography, we’ve worked with many families who say that multi-generational portraits only increase in sentimental significance over time.  

No matter what type of family portrait session you choose, the most important thing is to have fun and let your family’s love and connection shine through. Our team will guide you through the entire process so that your energy and personality can sparkle!