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Beauty Makeover Portrait Photography

Looking for a unique gift? Or maybe just a treat for yourself? A makeover and portrait session with Timeless Images will bring out your natural beauty and leave you with gorgeous images.

Take a day for yourself to be pampered, relax, unwind, have a makeover from a professional hair and make-up artist and a wonderful photography session!  You will have a great day and come back to select great photos which will celebrate your personal style, individual beauty, and the essence of who you are.

Our Makeover Photoshoot

Our makeover and portraiture session is more than a photo shoot – it’s a chance to be pampered and to relax, unwind, and have some fun! Why not bring your best friend or a special family member to join the shoot and share the experience. With a complete makeover from a professional makeup artist, you’ll look and feel your best and we’ll make sure that’s captured forever!

No need to worry about your age, size or shape – we’re all ladies, we’re highly experienced, and we’re here to make you feel comfortable and confident. 

Contemporary beauty portraits are simple, sophisticated images aiming to bring out the best in you with no distractions, no props and no gimmicks – just timeless images to last forever.

Embrace the bigger picture of your story